If you have recently written or published a novel and are wanting feedback or a review, I would like to help you! Please follow the guidelines below and message if interested. 


The book must be published (or known publication date).

I normally review romantic suspense, erotic romance, dark romance, and similar genres. I also quite enjoy horror. I. E. anything sexy, dark, or twisted. If in doubt, ask!

No straight up erotica please. I prefer sex to enhance the story, not be the story.

FYI: I'm not personally a fan of short stories (less than 40,000 words). I will review them, but I rarely rate them very high. 

I do not book-bash, however I am honest in my reviews. I know how much time, work, love, and passion goes into writing so I will be respectful.

***There is no charge for this servcie. This is a way for me to improve my own writing while meeting and supporting other authors

Feedback/Beta Reading

I will give any genre a chance, although if I'm not enjoying it, I won't force myself to finish it and will give you the reason(s) why.

Correct as many typos and edit as much as possible. No first drafts please.

Allow thirty days for feedback once accepted.

*** There is no charge for this service. This is a way for me to imoprove my own writing while meeting and supporting other authors.

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